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I had the privilege of working with Indyra Flores. I have done so many healing modalities over the years and had yet to experience an Integrated Healing session. 

Setting up the appointment was a breeze. Her generosity with time and my schedule was so refreshing. I’m so appreciative for her staying late to accommodate my schedule. Immediately I was greeted into a warm and inviting space. Her room glowed with salt lamps, the energy felt so clean and clear. I could tell we were ready for transformation. I relaxed onto the table and started saying intentions for the session. Allowing whatever to come up come up and she proceeded to listen. Her ability to separate someone else’s thought process into micro-sections is impressive. Uncovering the whispers of truth that may need more clarity to proceed. The session was magical, complete and healing. It’s a very intimate process and had layers in order to invite the “program” to come to a full completion. 

I highly encourage everyone to seek Indyra’s loving heart. She will help you feel complete, move forward in goals and allow love into all the shadows. 

I’m so appreciative of her service and heart. 

Thank you

Jeanette C., Life Coach & Holistic Lifestyle Consultant

Indyra is truly gifted! She helped me in the healing and reset process; mind, body and spirit. Amazed, awakened, hopeful and healed is how I felt after my (Integrated Healing) session. I absolutely loved my session and can’t wait to go back!! Contact her if you are interested in achieving and living the life you want. Indyra, thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

Ruth R., LMFT

We started with hypnosis; the issue was in my decision-making process, one of my biggest struggles in the past two years. The morning after your hypnosis, I made a decision that would change the course of my business and it was a bold one that I would not have made without your help. Since then, I noticed as days passed by, I feel I've gained back what I've lost: my confidence and my love for meeting life's challenges and turning that into solutions. Nothing happens overnight, but your 1st session catapulted what I needed in order to heal and move forward in life. 

What I'm saying is, YOU HELPED ME. I am your biggest fan and supporter!

Liliana V., CEO

Indyra agreed to do a long-distance Integrated Healing session for me via video chat. I was struck by the compassionate and patient space she held for me to work through my struggles. I felt the effects of the work energetically during our session and within days noticed more joy and freedom in my relationship and greater flow and abundance in my work life.

Susannah K., Voice Artist, New Zealand

Need some support on your healing journey? Get in touch and book an appointment today.

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